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Life can Change in an Instant

Life can Change in an Instant

Right about now, we all need a win. Discover how much you can save by transferring your balance and lowering your interest rate. Most store cards, like Amazon, Marshall’s, and even Walmart have insanely high interest rates making it difficult to pay off your debt.

At Northern Star Credit Union, our VISA Credit Card and Personal Loans are designed with you in mind. Whether you’re remodeling the house, looking to make ends meet, or taking back control of your finances – a lower interest rate can help you meet your goals.

4 Reasons to Transfer Your Balance:

  1. FREE, FREE, FREE: We offer FREE transfers from your previous lender along with a FREE VIP accounts with up to 3%APY.
  2. Better Benefits: Enjoy NO annual fee, earn rewards, and save money that’s not being wasted on interest with our VISA credit card.
  3. Decrease Your Stress: Downsize your debt into one easy payment and a predictable monthly bill.
  4. Reduce Debt Faster: Balance transfers are a great way to pay down your debt, since your money will go towards paying off the debt not the interest.

Get your money right in 2020!