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Prepaid VISA Card

The CUMONEY Everyday Spend Prepaid VISA card gives you everything you need in a card, but with more convenience and features so you have more time for yourself.

Safer than cash and accepted everywhere you see the VISA logo and includes free Bill Pay option to make paying bills a breeze. The Everyday Spend card has become the card of choice when it comes to online purchases.

Convenient CUMONEY mobile app makes it easier than ever to manage your card 24/7 with balance and transaction history, multiple reload capabilities including check deposits right over your phone. Set up auto funding at your credit union to help plan your budget needs.

Risk is reduced as the card is not tied to any deposit account and is covered by VISA Zero Liability Protection. You can only spend the amount loaded on the card, keeping your spending on track. No worries if you card is lost or stolen with card replacement assistance.

Make life easier for yourself. More free time. More convenience. You deserve it.

Prepaid Visa Card Fees

Fee Category Fee Type Amount
Total Cost of Setup: Activation Free
Cost of Card $5.00
Maintenance: Service $1.75 per month
Inactivity $3.00 per month after 3 months of inactivity
Spend Money: Signature Purchase Free
Bill Pay Free
Get Money: Cash Advance Free*
Cash Back at Merchant Free*
International Conversion 2% of the transaction amount when a currency conversion occurs or .8% of the transaction amount when a currency conversion does not occur
ATM Balance Inquiry Free*
ATM Withdrawal $1.50*
Add Money: Direct Deposit $0.50*
Reload Free
Information: VRU 4 Free, $.50 for any calls after the first 4 in any given calendar month
VRU Opt-Out to Live Operator 2 Free, $5 for any calls after the first 2 in any given calendar month
Other: Cash Out $15.00
Replacement Card $5.00 will be taken off the balance of the card if there is a request to replace a lost or stolen card.

$3.50 will be taken off the balance of the card if there is a request to reissue a damaged card prior to natural expiration.
Reissue Expired Card Free
Rush DeliveryDenied $35.00
Transaction $.50*

*Third party fees may apply
Except where prohibited by law, Your Card is valid through the expiration date on the front of the Card. Contact the issuing credit union if there is a remaining Funds Balance when Your Card expires.
Cardholder Customer Service: 1-877-850-9650

Prepaid VISA Cards must be purchased at a Northern Star branch. Click here for Branch Locations.