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EFFECTIVE 2020-08-11

Share Account Fees

Description Fee
Monthly Maintenance Charge *
(for Basic Accounts only)
$12 per month
NSF Fee $30 per item
Returned Item Fee $30 per item
Stop Payment Fee $25 per item
Check Prices Vary according to style
Paper Statement $3 per month

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Other Service Fees

Description Fee
Account Research / Reconciliation Fee $25 per hour
Wire transfer (Outgoing) $5 per transfer
Corporate Draft Fee $5 per check
Money Order Fee $1 per item
Garnishment / Levy Fee $50
Account Closure Fee $25 per closure
(if closed within 90 days of opening)
Account History $1 per page
ACH Return/Block Fee $25 per item
ATM / Debit PIN Replacement $5 each
Check Copy Fee $10 per check
Bad Address $10 per month
Inactive/Dormant Account $10 per month
(after 12 mos. of no activity)

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Electronic Funds Transfer Fees

Description Fee
Nonproprietary ATM Withdrawal Fee $1 per transaction
Check Card Replacement / Reinstatement Fee $30 per card
Check Card NSF Fee $30 per item

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$12 Monthly Maintenance Charge if Average Balance in Core Accounts is Less Than $500.00. Core Accounts are Regular Shares (Savings), Checking, and/or Money Market (Super Club). Average balance may be maintained in any one of these accounts or in a combination of these accounts.

Unlike other financial institutions, Northern Star's monthly maintenance charge is based upon the average daily balance, not the minimum daily balance. Therefore, if at any point during the month your account falls below the stated amount, a charge will not be assessed unless your average balance for the month is also below this amount. In addition, monthly maintenance charge exemptions are given to members 70 years of age or older, 20 years of age or younger, and accounts opened 30 days or less.